Eligibility Criteria for Educational Institutions

  • To be eligible to take benefit of the Policy, a university shall be
  • Based in Gujarat
  • A Public University/Private University (as per the Gujarat Private University Act, 2009 and as amended from time to time)
  • On record to have demonstrated concrete efforts related to innovation and entrepreneurship in the past few years or having strong commitment to participate towards the goals of the Policy.
  • To be eligible to take benefit of the Policy, an institute shall be
  • Based in Gujarat
  • A Government/Grant-in-Aid institute/Private institute affiliated to recognized university
  • On record to have demonstrated concrete efforts related to innovation and entrepreneurship in the past few years or having strong commitment to participate towards the goals of the Policy.

Download – Grant Proposal Format | To Submit - Proposal Submission

The Policy Implementation Committee (PIC) shall evaluate each application based on the criteria / merit and the suitable ones shall be selected as Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP 2.0) 18 grantee under the Policy. The criteria / merit shall include parameters like active student participation (ASP), research and innovation related activities carried out in past few years, action plan and budget plan and other as decided by the PIC.

Financial Support to Grantees

The provision for maximum financial support to Grantees for the Policy period shall be as per the Table below:

Type of Grantee Student Innovation Fund (SIF) Grantee Matching Fund (GMF)
Public University INR 5.00 Crore INR 2.50 Crore
Public Institute INR 2.00 Crore -
Private University INR 1.00 Crore INR 1.00 Crore
Private Institute INR 1.00 Crore INR 1.00 Crore

For Public Universities, the Policy grant will be sanctioned based on the number of enrolled students as per Table below:

Number of Student Enrolment with Public University Maximum SIF Grant (INR in Crore) for the Policy Period
3 Lakhs and above 5.00
1 Lakh to 3 Lakhs 4.00
50,000 to 1 Lakh 3.00
Up to 50,000 2.00

  • 70 % of the fund allocated through the budgetary provisions of the Policy be utilized for PoCs/Prototypes and IP support.
  • Remaining 30% of the fund may be utilized for programmes, pedagogical interventions, events, special endeavours, setting up pre-incubation/incubation centers, basic infrastructure, and others.

Support to Individual Students/Beneficiaries

  • Maximum INR 2.50 Lakh per PoC/Prototype /Innovation
  • IP Support up to 100% of expenses
  • Exposure to Tinkering Lab, Innovation Lab, Incubation Centers
  • Large scale sensitization, events, and programs for developing Scientific Mindset
  • Collective/Community level support system and activities
  • Capacity Building

IPR Support

IPR supports provisioned under the Policy for all beneficiaries are listed in the Table below:

Type of IPR Support Provisioned (Up to)
Patents INR 75,000 for Domestic, INR 1.5 Lakh for other countries
Copyrights INR 8,000
Trademarks INR 12,500
International Registration of Marks INR 50,000
Industrial Design INR 9,000
Plant Variety Registry INR 33,000
Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Registry (SICLDR) INR 15,000

A State-level IP Facilitation Center (IPFC) will function at i-Hub, which is responsible for assisting Grantees and Beneficiaries in IP related activities.
To know more -https://ihubgujarat.in/ip-support

Roles of Educational Institutions

  • Utilization of fund allocated to develop pre-incubation facilities and assist students in IP filing, developing PoCs, prototypes and other innovation related activities.
  • Formation of committees to scrutinize and evaluate PoC/Prototype and IPR proposals.
  • Systematic mechanism for creating awareness, outreach, and development of infrastructure.
  • Selection of proposals for PoCs/Prototype and IPR.
  • Ensure grant disbursements within 45-60 days.
  • Ensure the entire PoC/Prototype/IPR grant be disbursed in maximum 2- 3 installments based on the progress.
  • Implement and operate digital interface to create face-less and paperless mechanism for disbursement of grants.
  • Strengthen mentorship programme with industrial expertise.
  • Leverage other schemes and programmes at state and central level designed for Innovation and Start-up.
  • Exposure and participation for flagship programmes at national and international level.
  • Promote innovation and Start-ups by women, specially abled, marginalized community and those innovators trying to address persistent challenges of the State and the Nation.
  • Any dropout from school / institute / university can avail the PoC/Prototype/IPR support by registering as the Policy beneficiary at educational institution level.
  • Ensure the active participation of student beneficiaries in the PoC/Prototype/IPR for which the grant has been sanctioned.

Monitoring Mechanism – SSIP MIS Portal

  • Separate login of SSIP Portal for all the grantee
    Grantee Login - https://www.ssipgujarat.in/admin20/Users/login
  • Grantee needs to update the data of events/activities done, No. of PoCs, No. of Patent Filling, No. of Startups Supported on SSIP portal along-with the expense on the regular basiss
  • Grantee can generate Utilization Certificate based on expense booked on portal on yearly basiss
  • Grantees needs to submit CA certified UTC to Technical Education PMU at the end of the financial year or in case of asking next trenchs

Download – Grant Proposal Format | To Submit - Proposal Submission
Download – SSIP 2.0 Policy (English) | SSIP 2.0 Policy (Gujarati)

For any query – ssipgujarat@gmail.com | ssippmuc@gujarat.gov.in

Grantee Institutes/Universities Under Technical PMU

Sr. No. Center Name Type Body Type City
1Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University, JunagadhUniversityGovernmentJunagadh
2Gujarat Technological University, AhmedabadUniversityGovernmentAhmedabad
3Gujarat University, AhmedabadUniversityGovernmentAhmedabad
4Gujarat Vidyapith, AhmedabadUniversityGovernmentAhmedabad
5Maharaja Krishnakumarsinghji Bhavnagar University, BhavnagarUniversityGovernmentBhavnagar
6Sardar Patel University, Vallabh VidyanagarUniversityGovernmentVallabh Vidyanagar
7Saurashtra University, Rajkot SUniversityGovernmentRajkot
8Sri Govind Guru University, GodhraUniversityGovernmentGodhra
9Anant National University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateAhmedabad
10Auro University, SuratUniversityPrivateSurat
11Bhagwan Mahavir University, SuratUniversityPrivateSurat
12Charotar University of Science and Technology (Charusat), ChangaUniversityPrivateChanga
13Charuthar Vidya Mandal (CVM) University, Vallabh VidyanagarUniversityPrivateAnand
14Dharmasingh Desai University, NadiadUniversityGovernmentNadiad
15Ganapat University, Kherwa, MehsanaUniversityPrivateKherva
16Gokul Global University SiddhapurUniversityPrivateSiddhpur
17GSFC University, BarodaUniversityPrivateVadodara
18Indrasheel University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateKadi
19Institute of Advanced Research, GandhinagarUniversityPrivateGandhinagar
20Indus University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateRancharda,
21Kadi Sarva University, GandhinagarUniversityPrivateGandhinagar
22Karnavati University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateGandhinagar
23Marwadi University, RajkotUniversityPrivateRajkot
24Navarachna University, BarodaUniversityPrivateVadodara
25P P Savani University, SuratUniversityPrivateKosamba
26Pandit Deendayal Energy University, GandhinagarUniversityPrivateGandhinagar
27Parul University, BarodaUniversityPrivateBaroda
28R K University, RajkotUniversityPrivateRajkot
29Rai University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateSaroda
30Sankalchand Patel University, VisnagarUniversityPrivateVisnagar
31Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Deemed University, BarodaUniversityPrivateVadodara
32Swarnim Startup and Innovation University, GandhinagarUniversityPrivateBhoyan Rathod
33Gujarat National Law University (GNLU)UniversityGovernmentGandhinagar
34Indian Institute of Information Technology, VadodaraUniversityGovernmentGandhinagar
35Darshan UniversityUniversityPrivateRajkot
36Atmiya University, RajkotUniversityPrivateRajkot
37Shreyarth UniversityUniversityPrivateAhmedabad
38UPL University of Sustainable TechnologyUniversityPrivateVataria
39Dr. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Global University (KPGU), VadodarauUniversityPrivateVadodara
40Silver Oak UniversityUniversityPrivateAhmedabad
41Lok Jagruti UniversityUniversityPrivateAhmedabad
42Transstadia UniversityUniversityPrivateAhmedabad
43Children's University, GandhinagarUniversityGovernmentGandhinagar
44Sardarkushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, DantiwadaUniversityGovernmentSardarkrushinagar
45KSKV Kutch University, Bhuj UniversityGovernmentBhuj
46Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, SuratUniversityGovernmentSurat
47Sri Somnath Sanskrit University, VeravalUniversityGovernmentVeraval
48Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, SuratUniversityGovernmentSurat
49National Institute of Design, AhmedabadUniversityGovernmentAhmedabad
50National Forensic Science University, GandhinagarUniversityGovernmentGandhinagar
51M.S. University of Baroda, BarodaUniversityGovernmentVadodara
52Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, PatanUniversityGovernmentPatan
53Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management (IITRAM)UniversityGovernmentAhmedabad
54Gujarat Maritime University, GandhinagarUniversityPrivateGandhinagar
55Nirma University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateAhmedabad
56Ahmedabad University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateAhmedabad
57Uka Tarsadia University, BardoliUniversityPrivateBardoli
58Indian Institute of Information Technology, SuratUniversityGovernmentSurat
59L.E. College (Diploma), MorbiInstituteGovernmentMorbi
60Government Polytechnic, PalanpurInstituteGovernmentPalanpur
61Government Polytechnic HimatnagarInstituteGovernmentHimatnagar
62Government Polytechnic VadnagarInstituteGovernmentVadnagar
63Govt MCA College, ManinagarInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
64L. D. College of Engineering, AhmedabadInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
65Government Polytechnic, ValsadInstituteGovernmentValsad
66R. C. Technical Institute Sola S. G. Highway AhmedabadInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
67L. M. College of Pharmacy, AhmedabadInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
68Shri Swaminarayan Institute of Technology, Bhat, GadhinagarInstituteGovernmentBhat
69Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya,AnandInstituteGovernmentANAND
70Anand Pharmacy College, AnandInstitutePrivateAnand
71Rofel Shri G M Bilakhia College of Pharmacy, VapiInstitutePrivateVAPI
72B K Mody Government Pharmacy College, RajkotInstituteGovernmentRajkot
73A. V. Parekh Technical Institute, RajkotInstituteGovernmentRajkot
74Government Engineering College, RajkotInstituteGovernmentRajkot
75B & B Institute of Technology, Vallabh VidyanagarInstituteGovernmentVallabh Vidyanagar
76Shri K. J. Polytechnic, BharuchInstituteGovernmentBharuch
77Government Polytechnic, GodhraInstituteGovernmentGodhra
78C. U. Shah Polytechnic, SurendranagarInstituteGovernmentSurendranagar
79Government Polytechnic, PorbandarInstituteGovernmentPorbandar
80Govt. Engineering College, GandhinagarInstituteGovernmentGandhinagar
81Government Polytechnic, RajpiplaInstituteGovernmentBharuch
82Government Polytechnic for Girls, SuratInstituteGovernmentSurat
83Government Engineering College,ValsadInstituteGovernmentValsad
84Government Engineering College, PalanpurInstituteGovernmentPALANPUR
85Government Engineering College, PatanInstituteGovernmentPatan
86Government Polytechnic, AhmedabadInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
87Government Polytechnic, RajkotInstituteGovernmentRajkot
88Government Engineering College, DahodInstituteGovernmentDahod
89K. D. Polytechnic, PatanInstituteGovernmentPATAN
90Shantilal Shah Engineering College, BhavnagarInstituteGovernmentBhavnagar
91Government Polytechnic, GandhinagarInstituteGovernmentGandhinagar
92Government Polytechnic, JamnagarInstituteGovernmentJamnagar
93Dr. S & S.S. Ghandhy Government Engineering College, SuratInstituteGovernmentSurat
94Government Polytechnic, NavsariInstituteGovernmentMatwad
95Government Polytechnic, HalolInstituteGovernmentHalol
96Dr. Jivraj N. Mehta Government Polytecnic, AmreliInstituteGovernmentAmreli
97Government Girls Polytechnic, AhmedabadInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
98Government Polytechnic, ChhotaudepurInstituteGovernmentChhotaudepur
99Government Polytechnic, DahodInstituteGovernmentDahod
100Government Engineering College, GodhraInstituteGovernmentNasirpur
101Government Engineering College, BharuchInstituteGovernmentBharuch
103Government Engineering College, ModasaInstituteGovernmentModasa
104Government Polytechnic, KhedaInstituteGovernmentRASKA
105Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute, BhavnagarInstituteGovernmentBhavnagar
106Government Engineering College, BhujInstituteGovernmentBhuj
107Government Polytechnic, JunagadhInstituteGovernmentJunagadh
108Government Polytechnic, BhujInstituteGovernmentBhuj
109Government polytechnic, WaghaiInstituteGovernmentWaghai
110Government Polytechnic, VyaraInstituteGovernmentVyara
111Lukhdhirji Engineering College, MorbiInstituteGovernmentMorbi
112GMERS Medical College, VadodaraInstituteGovernmentVadodara
113Sigma Institute of Engineering, VadodaraInstitutePrivateVadodara
114R. N. G. Patel Institute of Technology,BardoliInstitutePrivateBardoli
115Gyanmanjari Institute of Technology,BhavnagarInstitutePrivateBhavnagar
116Shri S'ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology, BharuchInstitutePrivateBharuch
117SAL Institute of Technology & Engineering Research, AhmedabadInstitutePrivateAhmedabad
118Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology (SVIT), VasadInstitutePrivateVasad
119Krishna School of Pharmacy and Research (KSP), VadodaraInstitutePrivateVadodara
120OM Engineering College, JunagadhInstitutePrivateJunagadh
121Sardar Patel College of Engineering, BakrolInstitutePrivateAnand
122Sharda School of Pharmacy, GandhinagarInstitutePrivatePethapur
123Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, AhmedabadInstituteGovernmentAhmadabad
124Monark University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateVaheval
125Gandhinagar University, GandhinagarUniversityPrivateGandhinagar
126Rashtriya Raksha University, GandhinagarUniversityGovernmentLavad
127National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), AhmedabadUniversityGovernmentPalaj
128Dr. Kiran C. Patel Medical College & Research Institute, BharuchInstitutePrivateBharuch
129Government Engineering College, BhavnagarInstituteGovernmentBhavnagar
130A.D. Patel Institute of Technology, Vallabh VidyanagarInstitutePrivateNew Vallabh Vidyanaga
131Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology, VadodaraInstitutePrivateVadodara
132C. K. Pithawalla Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research, SuratInstitutePrivateSurat
133C K Pithawala College of Engineering and Technology, SuratInstitutePrivateSurat
134GIDC Degree Engineering College, NavsariInstitutePrivateNavsari
135V.V.P. Engineering College, RajkotInstitutePrivateRajkot
136Mansinhbhai Institute of Dairy & Food Technology, MehsanaInstitutePrivateMehsana
137Shree Swami Atmanand Saraswati Institute of Technology, SuratInstitutePrivateSurat
138GCS Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, AhmedabadInstitutePrivateAhmedabad
139Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, VadodaraInstitutePrivateVadodara
140Navsari Agricultural University, NavsariUniversityGovernmentNavsari
141Indian Institute of Teacher Education, GandhinagarUniversityGovernmentGandhinagar
142Dr. Subhash University, JunagadhUniversityPrivateJunagadh
143Vidhyadeep University, KimUniversityPrivateKim
144Government Biotechnology UniversityUniversityGovernmentGandhinagar
145Bhaikaka University, KarmsadUniversityPrivateKaramsad
146Noble University, JunagadhUniversityPrivateJunagadh
147Sarvajanik University, SuratUniversityPrivateSurat
148Sigma University, VadodaraUniversityPrivateVadodara
149Swaminarayan University, KalolUniversityPrivateKalol
150Central Institute Of Petrochemicals Engineering And Technology, AhmedabadInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
151Entrepreneurship Development Institute Of India, GandhinagarInstituteGovernmentGhandhinagar
152GMERS Medical College, SolaInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
153GMERS Medical College, VadnagarInstituteGovernmentVadnagar
154Government Akhandanand Ayurveda College, Smias Campus, KolavadaInstituteGovernmentGandhinagar
155Government Ayurved college, JunagadhInstituteGovernmentJunagadh
156Government Ayurved college, VadodaraInstituteGovernmentVadodara
157Government Dental College & Hospital, AhmedabadInstituteGovernmentAhmedabad
158Government Medical College, SuratInstituteGovernmentSurat
159Sheth J P Government Ayurved College, BhavnagarInstituteGovernmentBHAVNAGAR
160State Model Institute Of Ayurveda Sciences, Kolavada, GandhinagarInstituteGovernmentGandhinagar
161B H Gardi College Of Engg And Technology, JamnagarInstitutePrivateJamnagar
162Dhirubhai Ambani Institute Of Information And Communication Technology (DAIICT), GandhinagarInstitutePrivateGhandhinagar
163G H Patel College Of Engineering & Technology, AnandInstitutePrivateAnand
164Narsinhbhai Patel Dental College And Hospital, VisnagarInstitutePrivateVisnagar
165Shree Dhanvantary Pharmacy College, KimInstitutePrivateSurat
166Shree Naranjibhai Lalbhai Patel College Of Pharmacy, UmarakhInstitutePrivateBardoli
167Shri Sitarambhai Naranji Patel Institute Of Technology, Umrakh -BardoliInstitutePrivateBardoli
168Technical PMU AdminPMU
169College of Dairy Science, Kamdhenu University, AmreliInstituteGovernmentAmreli
170Government Medical College, BhavnagarInstituteGovernmentBHAVNAGAR
171D.A.Degree Engineering And Technology, MahemdabadInstitutePrivateMAHEMDABAD
172Gyanmanjari Diploma Engineering College, BhavnagarInstitutePrivateBhavnagar
173Gyanmanjari Institute of Pharmacy, BhavnagarInstitutePrivateBhavnagar
174Karnavati School of Dentistry, GandhinagarInstitutePrivateGandhinagar
175Krishna Ayurved Medical College, VadodaraInstitutePrivateVadodara
176Krishna School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation(KSPR),KPGU, VadodaraInstitutePrivateVadodara
177Parul Institute of Physiotherapy, VadodaraInstitutePrivateVadodara
178RK University Ayurvedic College And Hospital, RajkotInstitutePrivateRajkot
179School of Pharmacy, RK University, RajkotInstitutePrivateRajkot
180School of Physiotherapy, RK University, RajkotInstitutePrivateRajkot
181School of Science, RK University, RajkotInstitutePrivateRajkot
182SGJ Institute of Management and IT, MandaviInstitutePrivateMandvi
183Tatva Institute of Technological Studies, ModasaInstitutePrivateModasa
184Central University of Gujarat, GandhinagarUniversityGovernmentGandhinagar
185Kaushalya - The Skill University, AhmedabadUniversityGovernmentAhmedabad
186Adani University, AhmedabadUniversityPrivateAhmedabad
187Vanita Vishram Womens University, SuratUniversityPrivateSurat