In early stage,a bootstrapped start-up generally does not have much resource to market or popularize its innovative products/services. In this product-market fit zone, it’s very important for the innovator to avail facility to go out to market and promote their products. This not only help in market validation but also helps in early revenue which boosts the confidence of the start-up founders. SSIP wish to launch a flagship program for this to promote the start-ups. Start-up Goonj will also give them platform to showcase their start-up/innovation through various platforms. Some time it will help them through direct support and in few case it will help them indirectly. SSIP cell at education department will also take micro measures for sector and geography specific innovation/start-ups. This will help them through access of early adopter, validators and product penetration. Start-up Goonj will also try to assist them in increasing the reach of their products and penetrating the market.