Once a product/service is developed by an innovator at Minimum Viable stage, testing it and certification plays crucial role for further taking it to market. SSIP wish to collaborate with various R&D labs, Testing centers, expert organizations and create a common linkage so that innovators/start-ups can access to those facilities at ease. Designated officials at SSIP cell, I Hub will connect the innovators and concern centers, experts and facilitate the process. While it will help in getting early technology feedback, it will also help the innovator/start-ups to have a robust strategy to iterate and build a better product/service. When a start-up approach such a supporting organization, it costs them significantly, SSIP and I Hub will engage such organizations through MOUs and allied means so that registered start-ups at SSIP/I Hub will get a prevelidge access with pro-bono, no-bono or subsidized cost based support. In addition to this, this certification can help building better credibility for innovators/start-ups which will help them in scaling.