Sr No. Problem ID Problem statement Type of Industry Relevant Discipline Action Problem Explanation Video
1GIH001Application of GIS for various segments of power industry like Selection of most appropriate site for setting up power plant, Power supply & demand market, coal logistics, asset management in transmission & distribution sector, etc.CorporateCIVIL,ElectricalAvailable Soon
2GIH002Develop business model for common pooling of spares and O&M services at strategic locations where power plants are densely populated in India like Chhattisgarh.CorporateELECTRICAL,MECHANICAL,CE,ITAvailable Soon
3GIH003Develop various inventory management models such as Economic Ordering Quantity, Safety Stock Analysis, Fill Rates, and Cycle Service Levels based on huge past data & above mentioned predictive analytics for plant O&MCorporateELECTRICAL,CE,ITAvailable Soon
4GIH004Developing In-house predictive analytics tool for improving plant availability.CorporateELECTRICAL,CE,ITAvailable Soon
5GIH005Safety issuesCorporateCE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
6GIH006Embedded system for Hazardous Gas Detection and Alerting using ARMMediumECAvailable Soon
7GIH007Intruder tracking using wireless sensor networksMediumECAvailable Soon
8GIH008Improvement in effectiveness of substation earthingPSUELECTRICALView Video
9GIH009bring automation in the field of farming. Farmer can control farming activities like irriagation, fertilization, Crop monitoring etc using an android application. Moreover we are creating a smart farm which guides the farmer about soil parametres like moiCorporateITAvailable Soon
10GIH010Analytical evolution and optimum utilization of foam pig at Adani Hajira PortLargeENVIRONMENT/CHEM,ChemicalAvailable Soon
11GIH011Removal of color causing chemicals at CETP treated effluentLargeENVIROMENTView Video
12GIH012MARCH algorithm improvement for memory testing.MediumCEView Video
13GIH013Some improvements should be done in order to increase the speed of JTAG protocol specially in architecture of protocol.MediumECView Video
14GIH014Tracking real data for film promotion is a problem (viewers). Even after spending huge money and push promotion producer having no control on data.LargeCE,ITAvailable Soon
15GIH015Development of control logic using the CODAC core system and Industrial Control Library (ICL) for Cryoplant Termination Cold Box (CTCB)LargeAERONAUTICS/MECH,MECHANICALView Video
16GIH016Automatic irrigation systemLargeECView Video
17GIH017Inconvenient Parking facilities at M.G. RoadLargeCivil,ManagementView Video
18GIH018Handling of raw materialsLargeMECHANICALView Video
19GIH019AI based material movement and handling in assembly departmentLargeCE,ITView Video
20GIH020Automatic material handling in fabrication departmentLargeCE,ITView Video
21GIH021Let material speak where am I? (Store Dept.) It may be solved by implementing RFID based investigating systemLargeCE,IT,ECView Video
22GIH022Reader club applicationLargeCE,MECHANICAL,IT,View Video
23GIH023Input delay from client, software installation issues.LargeCE,ITAvailable Soon
24GIH024A cold storage have problem in data monitoring if connections from wired to wireless is design. A smart system that monitor all data on wireless medium.LargeECView Video
25GIH025Safety issues, unexpected construction cost, design flows, delay work.LargeCIVIL,MANAGEMENTAvailable Soon
26GIH026Mitigation of Harmonics in Electrical SystemLargeELECTRICALView Video
27GIH027Reduction in Transformer end cable loss from 1.5% to 1.0%LargeELECTRICALView Video
28GIH028Obtain desirable mixing of pharmaceutical liquid in glass lined reactor by changing dimensional parameter of agitator and baffle through CFD analysis.LargeChemical,MECHANICALAvailable Soon
29GIH029Effect of Cheese whey / Paneer wheyLargeFood Processing,ChemicalAvailable Soon
30GIH030Recycling/ reutilization of treated effluentLargeENVIRONMENT,ChemicalView Video
31GIH031To develope Userfriendly common MIS system.LargeCE,ITView Video
32GIH032Wastewater treatment is a process used to convert wastewater into an effluent (outflowing of water to a receiving body of water) that can be returned to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment or directly reused.MediumCIVIL,ENVIRONMENTView Video
33GIH033Design and development of mechanism for producing circular hole on a circular component.MediumMECHANICALAvailable Soon
34GIH034Due to season unbalance, different soil type, irrigation problem and critical diseases; PEANUT production decreasing so there should be solution for this to maintain production and make use other part of peanut plant to give more benefits to Farmers.MediumAGRICULTURE,CE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
35GIH035Due to recuperate disease in chilly crop, whole chilly farm being destroy and farmers facing big financial loss.MediumAGRICULTURE,CE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
36GIH036Iot Based Industrial AutomationMediumECAvailable Soon
37GIH037Failure of machine foundation due to vibrations.MediumCIVIL,MECHANICAL,App. Mechanics,View Video
38GIH038Ceramika online portal for ceramic industryMediumCE,ITAvailable Soon
39GIH039Black particles in kaoline.MediumChemicalAvailable Soon
40GIH040Ovality in inner race and outer race of rolling contact bearing.MediumAUTOMOBILE,MECHANICALView Video
41GIH041Transmission of signal and data using li-fi technologyMediumECAvailable Soon
42GIH042Selection and Optimization of Gasket material.MediumRUBBER TECH.,MECHANICALAvailable Soon
43GIH043Iot Based Display BoardMediumECAvailable Soon
44GIH044Use of Ceramic waste in concrete productionMediumENVIROMENTAvailable Soon
45GIH045Waste Water Management in the IndustryMediumCIVIL,Chemical,EnvironmentAvailable Soon
46GIH046Minimization of Transportation cost of raw milk for dairy plantMediumCEAvailable Soon
47GIH047Smart Parking systems: Which include solutions for parking management for metro cities. It can start with normal boom barrier designs, Parking Facility management, Space management, etc.MediumECView Video
48GIH048Problem in slip castingMediumMECHANICALAvailable Soon
49GIH049Do need a best dispose of waste coming from the firm or effective way to reuse it.MediumCIVIL,Chemical,EnvironmentView Video
50GIH050Clients are not aware about material testing and soil investigation process.MediumCIVILView Video
51GIH051Performance Analysis of Ethanol as biofuel.MediumENVIROMENT,ChemicalView Video
52GIH0521. VPN issue 2. Lack of support from IT for HRMIS softwareMediumIT,CEAvailable Soon
53GIH053Rejection & Rework analysis during QC Inspection in ANF & RVPDMediumMECHANICALAvailable Soon
54GIH054Recovery of butanol from 7% effluent stream of Amino resin plantMediumChemicalAvailable Soon
55GIH055Optimize the RPM of agitator to improve power rating reactionMediumChemicalView Video
56GIH056Unloading of slurry reactorMediumChemicalView Video
57GIH057Substation automation Using PLC and SCADAMediumIC,ELECTRICALView Video
58GIH058When accident occur Various information are lost after accident like the speed of the car at which accident has occurred, what was the temperature in the car at the time before accident, by which car this particular crash has taken place.MediumECAvailable Soon
59GIH059Develop logic to drive individual Electric motors of fourwheel drive electric vehicleMediumAUTOMOBILEView Video
60GIH060Problem of low MOR (Modulus of Rupture) in vitrified tiles.MediumChemicalAvailable Soon
61GIH061Ac 230 dimmerMediumPower ElectronicsAvailable Soon
62GIH062Mobile based ivr system (interactive voice response system)MediumCE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
63GIH063Small size smps supplyMediumPower ElectronicsAvailable Soon
64GIH064Retro Fitting of Electric Kit in existing IC engine Scooters for making electric and petrol hybrid scooters.MediumAUTOMOBILEAvailable Soon
65GIH065The small industry can’t effort the large scale and high cost extruder machine.MediumPLASTICAvailable Soon
66GIH066Design of Hygienic twin screw rotor pumpMediumMECHANICALAvailable Soon
67GIH067Programed graphical production planning and Control systemMediumProduction,MECHANICAL,Industrical EngineeringView Video
68GIH068To collect Tar automatically and fed directly to gasifier again.MediumMECHANICALView Video
69GIH069Bio-fouling prevention using quorum quenching in membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatmentMediumChemicalAvailable Soon
70GIH070Lack of skilled workers, scheduling problem, high insurance cost, delay in construction time, document managementMediumCIVIL,ManagementAvailable Soon
71GIH071Edible oils refining having several types of byproducts like FFA, gums and waxes. These byproducts can be utilized in the formulations of certain value added products like lecithin (food grade emulsifier), soaps and detergents.MediumChemicalView Video
72GIH072Converting ON/OFF Electrical Heat Treatment Furnace to Thyristorised Heat Treatment FurnaceMediumELECTRICAL,POWER ELECTRONICSAvailable Soon
73GIH073Our project is based on plate of thickness which is used in shell core shooter machine.MediumMECHANICALAvailable Soon
74GIH074Brain controlled wheel chairMediumECAvailable Soon
75GIH075IOT based air pollution monitoring and controlling system.MediumECAvailable Soon
76GIH076Wireless Energy Meter based on GSM Modem/iotMediumECAvailable Soon
77GIH077Automated Script writing for auto checklist from design to production channel.MediumECAvailable Soon
78GIH078Health monitoring Watch design who identifies health parameters of patient.MediumBIO MEDICALView Video
79GIH079Mobile Application for Ceramic Products for a Ceramic IndustryMediumCE,ITAvailable Soon
80GIH080Gsm based process condition monitoringMediumICView Video
81GIH081To access folder version Images stored in MS access by updated version MS access.MediumCE,ITAvailable Soon
82GIH082Bts battery health monitoring system .PSUCE,IT,ECView Video
83GIH083Drive Test Automatic Data Analysis and Report GenerationPSUCE,IT,ECView Video
84GIH084Mobile App for BTS O&M with ControlPSUECView Video
85GIH085Digital Monitoring & Controlling of the Small SubstationsPSUELECTRICALView Video
86GIH086Temperature Regulator for Solar water heaterPSUELECTRICALView Video
87GIH087Pre-paid Energy MeterPSUELECTRICALView Video
88GIH088Fault indication and sensing (location)PSUELECTRICAL,ECView Video
89GIH089Harmonic sensing smart meterPSUELECTRICAL,POWER ELECTRONICSAvailable Soon
90GIH090Driving license controlled smart vehiclePSUCEAvailable Soon
91GIH091Develop customer relationship management systemSmallCE,ITView Video
92GIH092Around 1200 degree celcius temperature is required in vertical muffle furnace but due to heat loss from top temperature require more time compared with horizontal muffle furnaceSmallChemical,MECHANICALAvailable Soon
93GIH093Employee attendance record keeping systemSmallCE,ITAvailable Soon
94GIH094Improvement of wire feeding (raw material) in fencing machine.SmallMECHANICALView Video
95GIH095Iot based Universal Data LoggerSmallCE,IT,ECView Video
96GIH096It is difficult to set the distance between two seeds. Not possible perfect sowing by mechanism system. In seed drill machine behind big wheel so industries main problem is its trasportaion. Many time this wheel main problem is bending. When start sowingSmallAGRICULTURE,MECHANICAL,EC,Available Soon
97GIH097Ahmedabad Live – smart live streaming of public places for various utilities by a partnership with the local municipality and relevant government authorities.SmallCEView Video
98GIH098Student online attendance monitoring system has to be developed. It will save time of all faculty and teachers.SmallCE,ITView Video
99GIH099Distillate output of solar still is lower. Hence, it is not used for potable water requirementSmallChemical,MECHANICALAvailable Soon
100GIH100Rough Surfaces visible on the outer skin of casted part.SmallMECHANICALView Video
101GIH101Biometric Fingerprint Scanner with ARDUINOSmallCE,ITView Video
102GIH102Iot based Accident Prone DeviceSmallCE,IT,ECView Video
103GIH103Iot based Patient Health Monitoring SystemSmallCE,IT,EC,BIOMEDICALView Video
104GIH104Android Application offering Digital platform for selling homemade Spices and Snacks/PicklesSmallITView Video
105GIH105Standard for estimation of man-hours or man-days for design projectsSmallCEAvailable Soon
106GIH106Wireless water level sensorSmallECAvailable Soon
107GIH107Determination of Optimal Parameters for vibration absorber used for rotating mass unbalance.SmallMECHANICALView Video
108GIH108Automatic sorting and retrieving of goods according to the barcode mark on them.SmallCE,ITView Video
109GIH109Difficulty in Hydrogen bromide scrubbingSmallChemicalView Video
110GIH110Formulation of Emamectin Benzoate 5 SG.SmallChemicalAvailable Soon
111GIH111In formulation of solvent based products, Its difficult to make viscous liquid at lower cost. So finding thickening agents for solvent is a problem for the industry.SmallPHARMACYAvailable Soon
112GIH112Use of Neem coated urea in other industry.SmallChemicalAvailable Soon
113GIH113Now a day, in shopping malls we have to wait for the billing in big lines, It accrues traffic in a mall and it very time consuming process. So we designed a system that will reduce the time for billing procedure.SmallCE,ITAvailable Soon
114GIH114GPS based Tracking Application With Logistics Management.SmallCE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
115GIH115To design portable inhalation device for chronic asthma.SmallBIO MEDICALAvailable Soon
116GIH116Public transportation system managementSmallCIVIL,CE,ITView Video
117GIH117Detection System for Littering on RoadsSmallCE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
118GIH118Digital Water Management through SensorsSmallCE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
119GIH119Smart Dustbin for Wet & Dry WasteSmallCE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
120GIH120Formation of nickel nitrate crystals from precipitation of Ni(NO3)2by freeze crystallizationSmallChemicalAvailable Soon
121GIH121To increase the concentration from waste caco3 (70 %) to 92-93 %SmallChemicalAvailable Soon
122GIH122Actually in company, there is a over voltage problem at supply side from UGVCL. Hence, there were damages found in Computer systems, inverter based Air conditioner and battery charging system.SmallELECTRICALView Video
123GIH123Establishing effect of wound filter parameters on filter performanceSmallChemical,MECHANICALAvailable Soon
124GIH124Third party testing and certification of filtersSmallTEXTAvailable Soon
125GIH125Modification of Operation Characteristics on Crimping Machine at K.K. Industries(IDP)SmallMECHANICALAvailable Soon
126GIH126Packing of saree, shirt and other garments require a process or machine which can directly fold and pack without the need for major human assistance or interventionSmallTextile,MECHANICAL,ICView Video
127GIH127Narrow gap TIG (NG –TIG) welding of SS347 to increase productivitySmallMECHANICALView Video
128GIH128TIG Welding duplex metal with SS316 in a multiple pass welding.SmallMECHANICALView Video
129GIH129Welding heat resistant materials using activated flux in a single pass with penetration depth 6mmSmallMECHANICALView Video
130GIH130Asset tracking over Bluetooth Mesh networkSmallECView Video
131GIH131Low-cost HMISmallECView Video
132GIH132Modbus to wifi GatewaySmallECView Video
133GIH133In Wordpress File Manager, option to extract the theme file in rar format is not availableSmallCEAvailable Soon
134GIH134(A) Technical Manpower (B) Cheap / Poor Quality imported / Product from china (c) Freq. AC to DC Controller Device failureSmallECAvailable Soon
135GIH135To detect heart sound with wireless technology.SmallEC/BIO MEDICALAvailable Soon
136GIH136To Develop Auto Nozzle Lifting Dual Extrusion System For 3D Printer Machine, Which will eliminate the problem of nozzle alignment in operation of 3d printer incase of Dual Head 3D PrinterSmallMECHANICALAvailable Soon
137GIH137Concrete deteriorates when Exposed to the environment, which significantly influence its service behavior design life and safety.SmallCIVILView Video
138GIH138Leakage from shaft joint of material mixtureSmallMECHANICALAvailable Soon
139GIH139A smart conditioning monitor system that measure industrial pressure and vibration.LargeECView Video
140GIH140Harmful effect on human health due to hazardous synthetic dye like skin deseases,cancer and others..SmallChemicalAvailable Soon
141GIH141Security alert arise in industries can not display and control through mobileSmallECAvailable Soon
142GIH142Home Service on DemandSmallCEView Video
143GIH143Project Management Tool for supporting “Work from Home”SmallCEView Video
144GIH144How to find your vehicle in night in a big parking lot. When there is a big ground having thousands of vehicles and you have to find your bike, scooter or cycle (modern cars have alarm system but what about others?).SmallCE,IT,EC,ICAvailable Soon
145GIH145During punching of trademark, due to small company manual trademark punching is used. It requires carefulness otherwise it will create serious injury like damage to fingers hand etc.SmallMECHANICAL / CE/IT,CE,ITView Video
146GIH146In soap factory, there is manual packing of soap, it consumes time as well as manpower. Hence automation is require to complete work in time and save manpowerSmallIC,MECHANICALView Video
147GIH147Predictive maintenance of the system.SmallIC,MECHANICALView Video
148GIH148Harmful effects on human health due to the hazardous food colour (which are synthetic pigment) like anemia,kidney and liver disease,lead poisoning.SmallFood Engg,Bio MedicalAvailable Soon
149GIH149Dust repellent rubber paintSmallChemical,Rubber TechnologyAvailable Soon
150GIH150The industry is facing problem of receiving payments from clients after delivering services.SmallCE,ITAvailable Soon
151GIH151Account managementSmallCE,ITView Video
152GIH152Employee time sheet and attendance managementSmallCE,ITView Video
153GIH153Project managmentSmallCE,ITView Video
154GIH154OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness ) Calculation Improvements with some live software OR OEE Monitoring APP. Traditional Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a well-established method for tracking process efficiency. OEE calculations factor in equipSmallITView Video
155GIH155Optimization in crew scheduling of busesSmallCE,IT,CIVILView Video
156GIH156To differentiate between dry & wet waste automatically while throwing a dust in dustbin.SmallCE,IT,EC,ENVIRONMENTAvailable Soon
157GIH157Designing of portable and low-cost ECG m-healthSmallEC/BIO MEDICALAvailable Soon
158GIH158Adulteration of Herbal Formulations with synthetic drugs.SmallPHARMACYAvailable Soon
159GIH159Automatic car washing, cleaning and drying systemSmallAUTOMOBILE,MECHANICALView Video
160GIH160Automatic Job-card preparation systemSmallCE,ITView Video
161GIH161Now a day’s agriculture land is not enough as per our locality and some aggregates are not grow in India so we have to import from other countries.SmallAGRICULTUREAvailable Soon
162GIH162A digital android-based platform for order generation, processing, tracking and paymentSmallCEView Video
163GIH163To design & implement a system that will help to establish a strict & punctual work schedule among the employees.SmallMANAGEMENTAvailable Soon
164GIH164To implement a system which will de-motivate the workers against employee turnover.SmallMANAGEMENTAvailable Soon
165GIH165In solar dryer sometimes, it happens that the crop/food becomes black due to excessive or higher temperature.SmallECAvailable Soon
166GIH166ATM is not as much secured as it should be.SmallITAvailable Soon
167GIH167Develop low cost high effeciency wireless data communication system using light fidility for under water communication. This wireless communication can be effeciently used in between ship to ship in sea.SmallECAvailable Soon
168GIH168With the increasing of automobile quantity, especially in some metropolis it is very impending to resolve the problem of air pollution resulting from automobile exhaust gas.SmallITAvailable Soon
169GIH169Current harmonic distortion in 3 phase system.SmallELECTRICAL,POWER ELECTRONICSView Video
170GIH170Cable/wire internal fault detector to diagnose the internal damage of wire and cables.SmallELECTRICALView Video
171GIH171Employee 360 overviewSmallCE,ITView Video
172GIH172Temperature indication of 0.001 C resolution within reange of 20 to 60 C with the help of mircocontroller.SmallICView Video
173GIH173Due to continuous work related maintenance in garage, industries there is some back pain, throat pain , knee pain and stress feel by human body.SmallAUTOMOBILE,BIOMEDICALAvailable Soon
174GIH174To design Dynamic Advertising System which control all the advertising display remotely. The user can change advertisement remotely. And user can change advertise locally because in rural area there is no internet connectivity.SmallECView Video
175GIH175To design Smart Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) which trips when Earth leakage is detected but it will turn on automatically after 120 second if leakage is removed or if it is temporary.SmallELECTRICAL,Power ElectronicView Video
176GIH176Automatic Water curing system in constructed concrete structure.SmallCIVILView Video
177GIH177To reduce power loss due to squirrel cage rotor in solar operated induction motor driveSmallELECTRICALView Video
178GIH17872 million people suffering from diabetes in India in 2017 according to WHO .Diabetes is very complicated disorder which is characterized as low or high blood glucose level.SmallPHARMACYAvailable Soon
179GIH179APEX Locater accuracy problem in dental treatment.SmallBIO MEDICALView Video
180GIH180Conventional X-ray image is not effective to explain about Disease to patients (Required color mapped X-ray image look likes real teeth with disease.).SmallBIO MEDICALView Video
181GIH181Waste of vegetable available from canteen of institute daily 10-15 kg which creates dump site or bad odors near institute. How make it green stepSmallCIVIL,Chemical,EnvironmentAvailable Soon
182GIH182In this project we have found that lot of water is being wasted for flushing of toilets so we thought it would be better if grey water collected from kitchen,washing machine can be recycled and used for flushingSmallcivil,ChemicalAvailable Soon
183GIH183To develop automatic irrigation system by use of waste water for lawn and gardenSmallCIVIL,Chemical,EnvironmentAvailable Soon
184GIH184Effluent generated by snehal dye industries contains around 0.5% blue dye, which create huge amount of wastwater.SmallENVIROMENTAvailable Soon
185GIH185Iot and AI based Smart City Solution for Public Utilities like surveillance, garbage pickup, road maintenance, encroachment detection, incident reporting, virtual patrolling etc.SmallCEAvailable Soon
186GIH186A Yarn Dyeing process house with a conventional ETP with ZLD is facing a significant costs of treatment due to use of coagulants and flocculants in the primary chemical treatment particularly in treating cotton dyeing spent liquor. The chemical costs areSmallENVIROMENTView Video
187GIH187Digitalization of Production DetailsSmallCE,ITView Video
188GIH188FEM simulation & analytical analysis of different support structures of jacketed and non jacketed MSGL pressure vesselsLargeMECHANICALAvailable Soon
189GIH189Cost effective sophisticated IT tools for cyber security system.SmallITAvailable Soon
190GIH190Smart complaintSmallCE,ITView Video
191GIH191Solar panel can be used only for limited application and what ever the energy stored can not be transferred at grid side.SmallELECTRICAL,POWER ELECTRONICSAvailable Soon
192GIH192Non availability of low cost software that may keep suppliers, customer and other parties from receipt of the order till supply of finished goodsSmallCE,ITView Video
193GIH193To design low cost Microcontroller based voltage stabilizer, with following specifications: Output accuracy ±1%, High speed correction 30V per second, High/Low voltage rapid cut-off, Auto-restart when High-Low condition is removed, Digital display for volSmallECAvailable Soon
194GIH194Reducing cost of cement product without affecting the strength of propertiesSmallChemicalView Video
195GIH195Performing energy audit report analysis with respect international journal of research in management, science & Technology.SmallELECTRICALAvailable Soon
196GIH196Periodic Health monitoring and health check up of Structures and buildingsSmallCIVIL,Applied Mech.View Video
197GIH197Geo-cop is a database and geographic information system(GIS) that provides online access to environmental data.SmallCE,IT,ECAvailable Soon
198GIH198Cutting different profile on metal sheetSmallMECHANICALAvailable Soon
199GIH199Many times client need to dispatch theirs goods from one place to another place. What client do? Is There any solution for that where client get solution without doing so much effort to find transportation facilities? Transport Project: - Modules 1. AdminSmallITView Video
200GIH200Gst billing systemSmallCE,ITAvailable Soon