Student Start-ups:   Start-up Registration

Who can apply:

Any student start-up from any academic institute from Gujarat can apply for this as per the definition of SSIP policy.

Student Start-ups:

Student Start-up is any student-led innovation based start-up that has been founded by the efforts of one or more student(s) and / or alumni (not more than 5 years from graduation), from any university / educational institute in the state, with or without the help of faculty guides and external support agents.


Based on the defined parameters, a state level expert jury will evaluate the applications received online and best of them will be appreciated. Start-ups will be evaluated based on the parameters like revenue, job creation, and innovativeness/novelty, potential impact etc. Preference will be given to new applicants every year

A)Early Stage Student Start-up Awards : ( 0 to 3 years of operation) : 100,000 INR award to top 3
  • Student Start-up which is in pre incubation stage or similar having been started by one or more co-founders in his/her college days or having been started by an alumni of any institute in India within 2 years of passing out from any academic programme.
  • This also includes any other start-up which is incubated or otherwise but it is between 0-3 years of its operation since its incorporation
  • This includes both product and service based start-ups.
B)Growth stage Student Start-up Awards : ( 3-5 year of operation) : 100,000 INR award to top 3
  • Student Entrepreneurs/Start-ups who are currently being incubated or otherwise which are into 3-5 years of their operation with substantial value creation/impact/revenue/customer base can submit their proposal under this category.
  • The team/Project should be a registered entity as per start-up India mandate
  • This includes both product and service based start-ups.
C)Campus Start-ups/early birds Appreciations: 50,000 INR appreciation to top 5
  • Student Start-ups who are still to graduate from any UG/P.G courses from academia in Gujarat and yet they have developed a venture. Their enterprise must be a registered legal entity..
  • The enterprise should have demonstrated early validation of their MVP through paid customers.
  • This includes both product and service based start-ups.

Student/Young Innovators:   Young Innovator Registration

Who can apply: Student/Alumni Innovators from academic institutes in Gujarat can apply/nominate for this award.

  • Student innovations from any discipline of past 2 years including this academic year can apply for this award online. Faculty guides can apply on behalf of the students, who have completed their studies, if they are not available in colleges but the awards are to be given to the teams with mention of their guide/mentors.
  • If found worthy by the Jury/Selection panel and shown commitment to take it ahead, the teams may be further recommend for additional support under POC grant as per SSIP mandate


Based on the defined parameters, a state level expert jury will evaluate the applications received online and best of them will be appreciated. Innovators will be evaluated based on the parameters like relevance of the problem being solved, originality in the approach of solving the challenge, progress in developing a working proof of concept, Technical rigour in the proposed solution, feedback received from users and experts etc.

Best 5 Student Innovations/Teams will be given an award worth 30,000 INR Basic format for application of Start-ups

1. Start-up Name
2. Website /Social media link
3. Institute name
4. University
5. Category of application (Early stage student start-up, Growth stage student start-up,) Campus Start-ups)
6. Which university/institute/incubator you are associated with now: ( If any)
7. Domain /Sector of Start-up
8. Founder’s name, Gender, mail ID, Mob Number
9. Co founder’s name, Gender, mail ID, Mob Number
10. Graduation/Post graduation year of your youngest co-founder ( this is to check whether one fall under student start-up definition of SSIP)
11. Type of innovation in your start-ups (Product, Process, Service)
12. Have you filed IP/Patent for your solution/offering
13. Nature of Start-up ( B2B, B2C,Other)
14. Number of customers you have covered
15. Briefly describe about your start-up: text box (200-250 words)
16. Year of initiation of your start-up
1. Started during college study
2. Started within 5 year of graduating from college
17. Revenue of your start-up by now
18. Number of jobs ( Direct & indirect including interns) created by now
19. What exact problem your start-up is solving and how uniquely/novelty (200 words)
20. Impact achieved by your start-up by now
21. Any significant achievement worth mentioning/awards/Appreciation/Others:
22. What further support you need to scale your start-up
23. Have you received any support/fund/grant by now, mention if any------
24. Any other special achievement of your start-up
25. Who are competitors
26. What is your plan/strategy for performing better than your competitors
27. Attach a pitch deck of your start-up ( if any)

Student/Young Innovator Application Format

1. Title of your innovation
2. Nature of work/project ( academic/non-academic)
3. Institute Name
4. University name
5. Category of application ( Student/Young Innovator award)
6. Domain /Sector of your work/Innovation
7. Team Leader’s Name, mail ID, Mobile number
8. Mentor’s/ Guide name, mail ID, Mobile number ( if any)
9. Name of other team members
10. Present Study Status ( Currently studying, Passed out in last 2 years)
11. Nature of study when you finished the project/innovation ( Polytechnic, UG,PG,PHD, others)
28. Have you filed IP/Patent for your solution/offering
12. Nature of your Innovation ( Product, Process, System)
13. What exact problem you are trying to solve through your innovation ( 150 words)
14. What is your technical approach to solve the problem ( 150 words)
15. What is original/unique/novel in your proposed solution/innovation ( 100 words)
16. Summary of the progress while developing your project/innovation ( 150 words)
17. Stage of your Innovation ( Idea, Proof of concept, Prototype, Product, Start-up)
18. Any significant achievement worth mentioning/awards/Appreciation/Others
19. Have you received any support/fund/grant by now, mention( if any)
20. How is your solution/innovation better than similar existing ones in market ( if any)
21. What are user feedback for your innovation from market/end user ( 100 words)
22. Attach a report of your Innovation/Project ( in PDF format not more than 5 MB)

Academic Institutions:   Academic Institutions Registration

Who can participate in this category

All the academic Institution/University in Gujarat are eligible to participate in this category.

Data Analysis and Jury

Once the applications/nominations are received, the evaluation team comprising of Incubators, Academia, Industry, and others will evaluate the response. Top Institutes and Universities will be shortlisted. Based on the evaluation of the expert panel/jury, annually these awards will be given away in the form of a citation to the university.

Overall Scoring

The questionnaire sent will have two components - Objective (to fill the facts/figures) and Subjective (to highlight major noteworthy efforts and action plan for future). Total marks for the evaluation process would be 1000 marks.
Note: The appreciated universities and institutes will not get any direct financial or other grants but it will certainly carry weight if such universities apply to get benefit from SSIP Support Ecosystem.

Awards Categories

1. Institute/College categories: Top 10 colleges with ranks based on score received
2. University categories: Best two universities in below sub categories

  • Private University
  • Deemed to be Universities/National Institutes/Domain specific single campus university
  • State University

Faculty Mentor:   Faculty Mentors

Annually 10 Faculty mentors who have guided outstanding innovators/start-ups will be appreciated. The criteria for short listing them is given in the Table-I