Students affiliated to College Faculty Members (Consider Faculty Members of Constituent Institutes)
Diploma UG PG Ph.D Certificate Course Total Lecturer Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof. Prof. Total

Awareness, Outreach & Learning
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Number of in-house activities on Innovation and Entrepreneurship based exposure programme for students.
2 Number of Faculty members who have attended Innovation and Startup related training programs..
3 Number of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Induction workshop for New students.
Internal Engagement
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Number of active students associated with Innovation and Startup cells through various programs.
2 Number of mentors engaged from Industry, Academia and other avenues.
3 Number of awards and appreciations provided to noted student innovators and start-ups of the institute.
4 Number of Competitions/Programs organized to scout Innovative ideas and businesses/enterprises to inculcate entrepreneurial skills in the students
External Engagement
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Number of active interaction from Industry/Government mentors happened in the context of getting real life problems/ challenges.
2 Number of Real life Industry problems identified by the students..
3 Number of Industrial/field visits organized.
4 Number of students presently working on converting the problem statement to an innovation or a startup/enterprise.
5 Number of prototypes developed for the problems identified.
6 Number of Alumnus Entrepreneur engaged for mentoring and allied purposes.
7 Number of student participations for external E-summit, hackathons, exhibitions and similar start-up and innovation related exposure programs at various places.
8 Number of Local Innovations/ Innovators scouted to strengthen the local startup ecosystem.
9 Number of Innovators and entrepreneurs supported (value addition/ prototyping done) from formal and informal sectors of the local ecosystem.
10 Number of market surveys/ user interaction facilitated for products/ processes/ systems while solving the problems.
11 Number of guest lectures/ seminars organized by Entrepreneurs..
12 Number of interactions facilitated for Students and faculty members with angel investors, venture capitalists, bank officials and other funding agencies.
13 Number of MoU’s signed and meaningful collaborations with national and International stakeholders promoting Innovation and entrepreneurship.
14 Number of collaboration with outside Infrastructure facilities like Design facility/Prototyping etc. for provide the infrastructure access to students.
Knowledge Management & Benchmarking
SrNo Details Response
1 Have you prepared an Action Plan with Key Performance Indicators & best Practices Documentation showcasing major efforts and impacts for knowledge creation and learnings for Start-up support at Institute/University level?
2 Have you developed a Web Portal for the Start-ups initiated by the college and update basic information of them along with information on funding opportunities periodically?
3 How often did you measure and revise the annual plan for Action plan with Key performance Indicators (KPI) in the past?
4 How often do you wish to measure and revise your Action plan with KPI in the next year?
Major Noteworthy Efforts to promote Culture of Entrepreneurship (Please Mention best 5 initiatives within 1000 words)
Strategies and Action plan to support the Future goal to achieve Key Performance Indicator. (Please Mention within 1000 words)

Academic Resources
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Number of compulsory courses introduced on Innovation/ Product Design/Entrepreneurship and allied areas.
2 Number of elective course offered on Innovation/ Product Design/ Entrepreneurship and allied areas.
3 Number of MOOC courses being offered by the Institute/ University on Innovation/ Product Design/ Entrepreneurship and allied areas.
4 Number of faculty members actively associated with Startups or Innovation related mentorship.
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Number of students who are provided access to the pre-incubation facility.
2 Number of students have access to basic Incubation facility.
3 Number of students who have access to advanced facilities like Fab labs/ Prototyping/ Simulation/ Design at the Incubation center.
4 Number of external students/ innovators/ entrepreneurs having access to your existing labs and similar infrastructure beyond class hours.
5 Number of Institutes/ Organizations which might not have incubation facility like yours for promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship extended with the Incubation support.
Financial Support
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Total allocated funds for Innovation/ Entrepreneurship activities for students, faculty members and staff and supporting innovations and startups.
2 Total fund received from Industry to support Innovation.
3 Total fund received from the State and Center to support Innovation.
4 Total fund received from any International Agencies/ Private Agencies/ CSR support for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
5 Total Angel or Venture Capital fund received annually to support Innovations.
Legal and Market Support
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts Future 1 Year Projection
1 Number of awareness sessions conducted by the Institution for legal and IP needs of startups.
2 Number of Innovators/ Startups that received Legal / IP facilitation support from the Institute.
3 Number of students who were supported by the Institute in commercialization of their Innovative Technologies.
Human Resource
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts Future 1 Year Projection
1 Number of in-house experts available to provide advisory and mentoring services to student Innovators and early stage Startups.
2 Number of dedicated human resource to manage Incubation/ Pre-incubation/ allied facilities and coordinate the startup activities on campus.

Awards & Recognition
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Number of awards your institute received as recognition for its efforts in innovation, IPR and Startups at National & International level.
2 Number of Internal awards/ recognition/ appreciations received by your student Innovators/Startups within Institute.
3 Number of awards/ recognition/ appreciations received by your student Innovators/Startups at National & International level.
4 Number of student projects/ innovations which have been validated by end users.
Contextual Relevance
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Number of your final year student projects/innovations in UG/PG & others working on real need or societal challenges.
2 Numbers of innovative products/prototypes developed based on student project work/ innovation/ startup ready to deploy on the field/ market/ society.
3 Number of social Innovations Supported by your Institute/University.
4 Number of Student project/research work and thesis that got converted to Proof of Concept.
5 Number of Student project/ Research work and thesis which got converted to Minimum Viable Product.
6 Number of student project/research work and thesis that got converted into Enterprise.
7 Number of Student/Alumni/Faculty led startups or entrepreneurial ventures that has come out of your institute.
Financial Impact
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Total fund received by your innovators/startups through external grant/ funding/ support from market/govt./other resources.
2 Annual Revenue generated through patent licensing for commercialization by the startups supported through your Institute.
3 Annual Revenue generated as fees from startups supported and Incubated by your Institute.
4 Annual Revenue generated through equity/shareholding in startups supported by your Institute.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
SrNo Details Past 1 Year Efforts
1 Number of student projects/ research work and thesis which led to technology transfer/ technology license or spin-off.
2 Number of patents filed by student Innovations/ Projects.
3 Number of Patents granted to student Innovators of your Institute/University.
4 Number of innovative start-ups that received SSIP grant/ support in POC and IPR.
5 Number of Startups supported at Early Stage.
6 Number of Startups supported at Growth Stage.
7 Number of good quality research papers published by student innovators’ in the field of innovation startup at a reputed conference on national/international level like ASME, IEEE etc.

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