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Student Open Innovation Challenge (SOIC) is a flagship initiative of the Student Startup and Innovation Policy, developed under the aegis of the Education Department,Government of Gujarat, to create a unique environment across academia in the state.

The unfolding Coronavirus epidemic has caused huge consequences across the globe with utmost vulnerability, with the supply chains, services and economies severely compromised. Considering the limited current knowledge, lack of efficacious vaccine and suitable chemotherapeutic interventions,there is an urgent need to accelerate the efforts.

The intent and spirit of the current edition of the Student Open Innovation Challenge,COVID-19, is to virtually engage with all students, innovators and start-ups from Gujarat to ideate,conceptualize and implement sustainable solutions to enable our communities to adequately respond to the most pressing health, social and economic challenges of the pandemic.

Be a part of the massive online event to save lives.

Seed Grant upto INR 2 Lacs per project

Sr.No Goal Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1 Creating detailed roadmap of the program with process fine-tuning 6th December 2018 6th April 2019 17th July 2019
2 Declaration of the program 6th December 2018 1st April 2019 17th July 2019
3 Outreach of the program Till 15th December 2018 Till 15th April 2019/td> Till 1st August 2019
4 Creating a web platform/ environment to track progress of each team 15th December 2018 15th April 2019 1st August 2019
5 Submission of proposals By 16th January 2019 By 20th May 2019 By 1st September 2019
6 Pitch, review and short listing for grant support By 28thFebruary 2019 By 1st June 2019 By 16th October 2019
7 Periodic mentoring support to teams March-May 2019 June-July 2019 October-November 2019
8 IP/Patent Clinic boot camp for the teams By 15th May 2019 By 15th July 2019 By 30th November 2019
9 Demo-day of prototypes of each short listed team after POC is ready June 2019 August 2019 December 2019
10 Pre incubation/Incubation/Product Design and Testing support at SSIP Hub July 2019 on wards September 2019 Onwards January 2020 on wards