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Sr No. Problem ID Problem statement Type of Industry Name of Industry Relevant Discipline Action
1SGH001Wheel Alignment /Balancing setup modification for ease,work accuracy and efficiency improvement in Wheel balancingSmallVaibhav Auto Service StationAutomobile Engineering   View Video
2SGH002POSTURE CORRECTIONPublic Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)UNITED CHARITABLE TRUSTBiomedical Engineering   View Video
3SGH003IoT based Smart bottle for HealthcareGovernment DepartmentA V Parekh Technical Institute, RajkotBiomedical Engineering   View Video
4SGH004Enhancement of Collimator mechanism for better illumination in X-Ray machine by replacing the filament bulb with cheap LED for better collimated light or parallel rays in specific directionMediumGenuine X-Ray and Radiological Equipment Pvt. Ltd.Biomedical Engineering   View Video
5SGH005Mobile device for COPD Detection and ClassificationSmallRHP Medical ServicesBiomedical Engineering   View Video
6SGH006APEX Locater accuracy problem in dental treatment.SmallSmile Dental HospitalBiomedical Engineering   View Video
7SGH007Degradation of pollutants using industrial wastewaterSmallBaba WashChemical Engineering   View Video
8SGH008Design external/internal cooling system for Diazotization reaction in Batch reactor to reduce ice consumptionSmallBalaji IndustriesChemical Engineering   View Video
9SGH009Production of biofuels from food wasteSmallEnviroChem Services (OPC) Pvt. LtdChemical Engineering   View Video
10SGH010To develop cheap adhesive material for sticking precious stone and gems to different materialsSmallForever TechnologyChemical Engineering   View Video
11SGH011Cold startup and choking of fuel sprayer due to increase in viscosity or solidification of Biodiesel.SmallInfinium Biofuels Ltd.Chemical Engineering   View Video
12SGH012Develop such bricks or layer which absorb optimum heat and maintain maximum temperature in firing zone of kilnSmallJai Ganesh Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Engineering   View Video
13SGH013Increase effective cooling rate in heat exchanger using cooling tower in plantSmallKRISHNA FINECHEM INDUSTRIESChemical Engineering   View Video
14SGH014Full vacuum is not maintained during distillation process with water vacuum pumpSmallKRISHNA FINECHEM INDUSTRIESChemical Engineering   View Video
15SGH015Utilization of coal gasifier as per GPCB normsMediumNilkanth Glazed Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Engineering   View Video
16SGH016problem in manufacturing of flat sheet RO membraneSmallosmotech india pvt. ltd.Chemical Engineering   View Video
17SGH017Plastic to diesel converterGovernment DepartmentRajkot Municipality CorporationChemical Engineering   View Video
18SGH018Manufacturing cup and soucer in this ceramic industry. They have lot of rejection because of binding of cup and its handle is not proper and after vulcanisation create problem.SmallShiv CeramicChemical Engineering   View Video
19SGH019Removal of Ammonical Nitrogen from Indiustrial wastewater containing reactive dye.SmallShreenath Chemical IndustriesChemical Engineering   View Video
20SGH020Recycling/ reutilization of treated effluentLargeThe Banaskantha District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Limited, PalanpurChemical Engineering   View Video
21SGH021Feasibility of Reuse/recycling of RO reject waterGovernment DepartmentColourtex Pvt. Ltd, SuratChemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering   View Video
22SGH022To provide ventilator in the bathroom of a residential building.SmallALFA ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORSCivil Engineering   View Video
23SGH023Ground improvement solution to mitigate liquefaction problem.SmallAnandjiwala Technical ConsultancyCivil Engineering   View Video
24SGH024Ground Improvement Techniques for highly plastic clayey soil of Dholera SIR region.SmallAnandjiwala Technical ConsultancyCivil Engineering   View Video
25SGH025Classified volume count of vehicles on roadway for 24 hours and 7 days automatically. Not only numbers. Numbers with category identification.MediumARTH INFRASTRUCTURECivil Engineering   View Video
26SGH026High strength Self compacting concrete using marble waste in substitution of natural aggregateMediumAshish Bridgecon Pvt. Ltd.Civil Engineering   View Video
27SGH027Development of tool for deciding the cable profile in PT structures AS per IS 1343:2012MediumCASAD CONSULTANTS Pvt. Ltd.Civil Engineering   View Video
28SGH028Develop a program for designing slab as per IS code directly from CAD drawing SmallDhaval Barochia & AssociatesCivil Engineering   View Video
29SGH029Off Grid Solar Home System(SHS)Government DepartmentDr J N Mehta Government Polytechnic, AmreliCivil Engineering   View Video
30SGH030Automatic Drip Irrigation SystemGovernment DepartmentDr J N Mehta Government Polytechnic, AmreliCivil Engineering   View Video
31SGH031Cost Effective Treatment of Waste Water Using Construction WetlandMSMEGhanshyam Eng Co.Civil Engineering   View Video
32SGH032Clients are not aware about material testing and soil investigation process.MediumGlobal Consultancy ServicesCivil Engineering   View Video
33SGH033Water harvesting and Water conservation system is carried out at Government (Shardadevi) Primary school campus – Patapur Ta. Dist. Junagadh.Government DepartmentGovernment (Shardadevi) Primary School PatapurCivil Engineering   View Video
34SGH034Underpass with water harvesting systemGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, NavsariCivil Engineering   View Video
35SGH035Rain water harvesting in hostel ground using artificial recharge methodGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, PalanpurCivil Engineering   View Video
36SGH036Water Remediation and Purification of drinking water using NanotechnologyGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, RajkotCivil Engineering   View Video
37SGH037Promotion of public transport or use alternative transportationto reduce traffic on roadGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, RajkotCivil Engineering   View Video
39SGH039Lack of shorter transportation route from Intala to Nagalpur & Intala to Sukhpur.Public Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)Intala,Gram PanchayatCivil Engineering   View Video
40SGH0401.Cost EFFECTIVE. 3.bearing capacity of Constructed area.MediumKATIRA CONSTRUCTION. LTDCivil Engineering   View Video
41SGH041To develop estimation and costing software on the plan of project so that human error is minimizedSmallKNC BuiltechCivil Engineering   View Video
42SGH042Develop a cost effective sensor and monitoring system that could provide deformations occurring in a structural member during its functional usageSmallKrapa Structural ConsultantCivil Engineering   View Video
43SGH043Design of a Simple, Easily and Remotely Operatable, Accurate, Economical and Efficient Plastering EquipementMediumM/s. Pravin C SavaliyaCivil Engineering   View Video
44SGH044Water supply controlling in conventional concrete preparationMediumMahalaxmi Construction Co.Civil Engineering   View Video
45SGH045To minimise the manual labours for pouring of material in concrete mixer for preparing conventional concrete.MediumMahalaxmi Construction Co.Civil Engineering   View Video
46SGH046To develop a non- destructive testing device for providing a convenient and rapid indication of the cement content in concrete structures.MediumMahalaxmi Construction Co.Civil Engineering   View Video
47SGH047Lack of knowledge of site engineers related to proper documentation system in projects, results in project failure- In terms of delay, cost overruns, Changes in design, poor quality and unsafe working conditions on siteMediumMCC ProjectsCivil Engineering   View Video
48SGH048GIS BASED FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENTGovernment DepartmentNarmada, Water Resources, Water Supply & Kalpsar Department (NWRWS), DantiwadaCivil Engineering   View Video
49SGH049In India, many old buildings needing major repairs or go early in to a state of collapse condition to make them unfit for occupation. This premature deterioration is largely due to poor construction practices or inappropriate design and/or neglect of timely repairs. The premature deterioration of structure is an economic burden not only on owners but also to the nation as a whole. During production of concrete, many stages are there such as batching of concrete ingredients, mixing, transporting, placing, compacting, finishing and curing of concrete. During construction of column element, it was observed that honeycombing is a major source of weakness in concrete column and due to that early corrosion of reinforcement can be occurred in the column. Usually, the vibrator needle may not reach the bottom portion of the column which results in honeycombing. This can be occurred due to the problems of placing & compacting of conventional concrete in congested structural elements and deficiency of skilled manpower. So, the problem is “How to eliminate the honeycombing in the column element when the conventional concreting method is used.SmallPatel Ankitkumar RajubhaiCivil Engineering   View Video
50SGH050Rain water harvesting technique of collection and storage of rain water at surface or in sub surface aquifersMediumPOSEIDON HYDRO INFRATECHCivil Engineering   View Video
51SGH051water distribution problem in society or residential areaGovernment DepartmentRajkot Municipality CorporationCivil Engineering   View Video
52SGH052Waste generated during cutting and polishing of vitrified tilesLargeReal Granito Pvt. Ltd.Civil Engineering   View Video
53SGH053Road maintenance record-keeping systemGovernment DepartmentRoad and Building Department(GOG)Civil Engineering   View Video
54SGH054The mass curing of tetrapods is too much difficult and requires huge amount of water. Therefore there is a need of alternate procedure/method of curing such tetrapods without harming the structural stability of the same.SmallShree Ram Laxman Sthapatya Co.Civil Engineering   View Video
55SGH055Solid Waste ManagementCorporateTata Consulting Engineers LimitedCivil Engineering   View Video
56SGH056Integrated Urban Water Management Design Framework for Smart CitiesCorporateTata Consulting Engineers LimitedCivil Engineering   View Video
57SGH057Avoid deqradation of grains which creates health hazard problem due to flood in low lying area of cityPublic Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)Valsad NagarpalikaCivil Engineering   View Video
58SGH058Augmentation of existing Underground Drainage System to enhance discharge capacity of Underground Drainage System of Old main city - Valsad, GujaratPublic Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)Valsad NagarpalikaCivil Engineering   View Video
59SGH059Spray Dryer Sludge handling at CETP, VatvaLargeThe Green Environment ServicesCo-op. Society Ltd.Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering   View Video
60SGH060Removal of Color from treated effluentPublic Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)Vapi Green Enviro LimitedCivil Engineering, Chemical Engineering   View Video
61SGH061Hostel Management SystemGovernment DepartmentA V Parekh Technical Institute, RajkotComputer/IT   View Video
62SGH062To design closed loop solution for the better complaint management. The complaint filed by user will go to the concerned authority and complete tracking of the complaint is possible. Admin, concern authorities and users can see the complaint status real time. On resolution of complain, messages (email/SMS) will be sent to respective stakeholder.SmallAlly Soft SolutionsComputer/IT   View Video
63SGH063Web Portal for LawyersSmallAssertionITComputer/IT   View Video
64SGH064A Online System for Mentoring Student For Education Institute.SmallBrainyBeam Technologies PVT. LTDComputer/IT   View Video
65SGH065Develop a System for proving Shortest and Fastest route to Abulance to reach it at accidenat place and from that place to neaest Hospital. Fastest route will be identified by less conjection on the road.SmallBrainyBeam Technologies PVT. LTDComputer/IT   View Video
66SGH066design system for handling solid waste of municipal market like vegetables, fruits etc. using smart dustbin and android application. SmallBrainyBeam Technologies PVT. LTDComputer/IT   View Video
67SGH067To verify the genuineness of messages shared on social media messengerMediumCreadigol SolutionComputer/IT   View Video
68SGH068We have aadhar card , Pan card, Voter id, Driving licence like identity proofs for our day to day transactions, but we have major missing that is our health card, which manages our day to day health history like disease, allergy etc. And same card is used everywhere in private and public hospitals and clinics, medical store, laboratory to track your health related data , which the concern entity will enter in to the system. This gives very huge and important data analytics using machine learning and AI like City & Area wise allergy or disease etc. This will give on time information to health authority so that , action can be taken on right time and thus it can save many people to become victim of some viral disease. We aim to gather only health related data , so we are not aiming to involve any economical transaction in to the system.CorporateCreArt SolutionsComputer/IT   View Video
69SGH069Solutions for Home RenovationGovernment DepartmentGovernment Engineering College, GandhinagarComputer/IT   View Video
70SGH070Mobile application development for milk delivery app in daily morning.Government DepartmentGovernment Engineering College, GandhinagarComputer/IT   View Video
71SGH071Develop a solution for Government hostel management.Government DepartmentGovernment Engineering College, PatanComputer/IT   View Video
72SGH072Mobile application that keeps medical report/history of studentsGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic For Girls,SuratComputer/IT   View Video
73SGH073BLOCKCHAIN BASED DIGITAL IDENTITYGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic For Girls,SuratComputer/IT   View Video
74SGH074Digital platform for book sharingGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, PalanpurComputer/IT   View Video
75SGH075Buying apparel through e-commerce has certain limitation of trying apparel before buying it. Provide a virtual room to try apparel through e-commerce websites before buying it.MediumiMOBDEV Technologies Pvt.Ltd.Computer/IT   View Video
76SGH076To develop a software regarding MLM (Multilevel Marketing) to build a huge team by using different plans strategy and to generate the income from them and also monitoring the whole process with income statement of every user.MediumInnovate Web TecComputer/IT   View Video
77SGH077Employee Management SystemMediumInnovate Web TecComputer/IT   View Video
78SGH078Trainee Management SystemMediumInnovate Web TecComputer/IT   View Video
79SGH079To develop a web application for committee which can be helpful for student and training firm who are connected in that, it is a portal where that people can visit with app and register in firm. Student can view fees and fees receipt in application.MediumInnovate Web TecComputer/IT   View Video
80SGH080Project Management SoftwareSmallKachhuaComputer/IT   View Video
81SGH081Platform for building voice assistant systemMediumKEVIT Technologies Pvt. Ltd., RajkotComputer/IT   View Video
82SGH082Machine Learning based House Price Prediction SystemMediumKEVIT Technologies Pvt. Ltd., RajkotComputer/IT   View Video
83SGH083Mobile App based on voice enabled forms submissionMediumMeditab Software (I) Pvt. Ltd.Computer/IT   View Video
84SGH084Voice Enabled Issue Management SystemMediumMeditab Software (I) Pvt. Ltd.Computer/IT   View Video
85SGH085AI-based writing assistant to identify the problematic spells, incorrect grammar etc. and should have underline or highlight and also it should suggest correct options.SmallNiviData ConsultancyComputer/IT   View Video
86SGH086File Tracking SystemSmallNiviData ConsultancyComputer/IT   View Video
87SGH087Hostel Data Base ManagementMediumPurohit Hostel (Bhavan), PalanpurComputer/IT   View Video
88SGH088eCommerce Aggregator - App and ERP for one Shop to fetch ALL orders from Amazon,Flipkart, Myntra.MediumSerpent Consulting Services Pvt.LtdComputer/IT   View Video
89SGH089ERP connectivity to solve support problems (Telephony Connector) - Exotel,Poptox,plivo,nexmoMediumSerpent Consulting Services Pvt.LtdComputer/IT   View Video
90SGH090Restaurant aggregator - App and ERP for one Restaurant to fetch ALL orders from Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda etc marketplaces.MediumSerpent Consulting Services Pvt.LtdComputer/IT   View Video
91SGH091Shoppy is the android application used for home delivery of all type of products like grocery, cosmetics, medicines etc. Using shoppy you can buy any product from any local shop from your area.MediumSilverWing Pvt LtdComputer/IT   View Video
92SGH092Society Management SystemSmallSilverwing Technologies Pvt LtdComputer/IT   View Video
93SGH093Cleanliness Automation using Deep LearningSmallSoftvanComputer/IT   View Video
94SGH094Online Food with Quality Checks -should deliver hygienic food with regular check -should show details of every ingredient used -should black list bad vendors -change commission and return policyCorporateStrat360Computer/IT   View Video
95SGH095Application for the HR department to easily shortlist the candidate based on the RESUME ranking policy and to give an online test for personality and aptitude The system will generate the test result in graphical form with marks.MediumTechmicra IT SolutionsComputer/IT   View Video
96SGH096Scanned Documents with written text, QR or Barcode to Digital DocumentsSmallTechSmith Solutions Pvt LtdComputer/IT   View Video
97SGH097Access of local hardware through web browser plug and play modeSmallTechSmith Solutions Pvt LtdComputer/IT   View Video
98SGH098To develope User friendly common MIS system.LargeThe Banaskantha District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Limited, PalanpurComputer/IT   View Video
99SGH099To develop the data extraction technique from hard copy to various soft copy form like excel format for analyzing and prediction of data. User can also use collected data to form various graph, generate report or send relevant information via mobile/Email id.MediumWayToWeb Pvt. Ltd.Computer/IT   View Video
100SGH100To develop a product which can be helpful to the blind people as they can predict the distance of the object that they can come to contact, not only predict but also our product will suggest the route and the medium of transport to reach to the destination which will be control by our voice command.MediumWayToWeb Pvt. Ltd.Computer/IT   View Video
101SGH101Reduce Wastage of Lighting System in small and Medium Scale Industries.MediumDynamic ConsultantComputer/IT, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication   View Video
102SGH102In this digital era our college campus also need technology for classy enviroment utilize secured an modern technology for E-campus activities. Due to lack of digitalization in the government sectors or office(work area),there is always a problem of energy wastage due to unwanted operation of the electrical loads.Government DepartmentGovernment Engineering College, BharuchComputer/IT, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication   View Video
103SGH103To detect and analyze milk parameters from cattle farm to diary collection centre using AI and IOTLargeAMUL DAIRY,ANANDComputer/IT, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Chemical Engineering, Multi Disciplinary- Instrumentation, Chemical Engg etc   View Video
104SGH104Modification in Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to recover more water and generate revenue from waste products e.g bio gasLargeAMUL DAIRY,ANANDComputer/IT, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Chemical Engineering, Multi Disciplinary Problem   View Video
105SGH105Design and Build Cloud Enabled & AI Powered “Heating/ Cooling System” for Industry 4.0MediumTeksun Aerospace Pvt. LtdComputer/IT, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation & Control   View Video
106SGH106Drive Test Automatic Data Analysis and Report GenerationPSUBharat Sanchar Nigam LimitedComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
107SGH107Mobile App for BTS O&M with ControlPSUBharat Sanchar Nigam LimitedComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
108SGH108RFID based Indoor navigation app for Pysically disabledSmallCrear Electronics PVT LTDComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
109SGH109There is no any proper communication system exist for stakeholders of Technical Education Institute like students, faculty, HOD, Principal, Industry partners, Placement companies etc from bottom to up hierarchy.Government DepartmentDr J N Mehta Government Polytechnic, AmreliComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
110SGH110Student attendance system using face recognitionGovernment DepartmentDr J N Mehta Government Polytechnic, AmreliComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
111SGH111Water resources management and monitoringGovernment DepartmentDr J N Mehta Government Polytechnic, AmreliComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
112SGH112Android app and its web version for lab equipment utilization for Polytechnic and Engineering collegesGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic For Girls,SuratComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
113SGH113Alexa and Google Home integration within existing home automation systemMSMENkonnect Infoway Pvt LtdComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
114SGH114Human Interacted Wireless Digital Notice BoardMSMEPhoenix Tech SolutionsComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
115SGH115Nowadays technological devices are not fully enabled with Artificial intelligence.Government DepartmentSHANTILAL SHAH ENGINEERING COLLEGEComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
116SGH116Presence of humming noise in fan due to speed controller module in home automationSmallSmart Yug Automation & Embedded SolutionComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
117SGH117Full HD Video Stitching - Goal is to Stitch Two High Resolution Video Stream and Make it 360 Degree Angle.SmallTeksun Microsys Pvt. Ltd.Computer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
118SGH118Alcohol Detection Sensor - Bracelet Band which can measure Alcohol Level into BodySmallTeksun Microsys Pvt. Ltd.Computer/IT, Electronics and Communication   View Video
119SGH119Wearable Device for Measurement and Indication of Emotional StateSmallSociety for Energy and Emotion, Wellness Space LLPComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication, Biomedical Engineering   View Video
120SGH120Portable Frontal Alpha Asymmetry detection and analysis for human mood changesSmallSociety for Energy and Emotion, Wellness Space LLPComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication, Biomedical Engineering   View Video
121SGH121Monitoring of flood level at different part of riverGovernment DepartmentIrrigation sub division AmreliComputer/IT, Electronics and Communication, Civil Engineering   View Video
122SGH122Design an inbuilt vehicle system which helps to stringent laws and a strict implementation of wearing helmet and tight the seat belt during two/ four wheel drive to make India’s roads safe. As well, system must be user-friendly to carry helmet along with vehicle.Government DepartmentREGIONAL TRANSPORT OFFICE, BHUJComputer/IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering   View Video
123SGH123Design system which measures the quantity piece wise which is accurate and better than the existing system.SmallGokul EnterpriseComputer/IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication   View Video
124SGH124Autonomous mining data and report making systemSmallShri Yogi Krupa MetalsComputer/IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication   View Video
125SGH125Design and Develop Low Cost Pyranometer using Micro-Controller.SmallAVD TECHNOLOGIESComputer/IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication   View Video
126SGH126L.A. (Lightening Arrester) blasts due to lightening, high voltage surges, and switching surges and also Due to high temperature in summers.Government Department220 KV Sardargadh GETCO Sub StationElectrical Engineering   View Video
127SGH127Investigate and propose solution for cable lug burning frequently due to corrosion in coastal areaSmallBombay Minerals LimitedElectrical Engineering   View Video
128SGH12855 kw vfd power card and firing circuit burnedSmallBombay Minerals LimitedElectrical Engineering   View Video
129SGH129Cost Effective harmonic filters.CorporateCADILA Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Electrical Engineering   View Video
130SGH130Solution of leakage current problem on overhead lines and transformers on LT Distribution side.Public Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)DGVCL VALSADElectrical Engineering   View Video
131SGH131Automatic meter reading and billing to issue monthly billing instead of bimonthly billing.Public Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)DGVCL VALSADElectrical Engineering   View Video
132SGH132Design the Jig for PCB Through Hole SolderingSmallDQ Motiontech Pvt. Ltd.Electrical Engineering   View Video
133SGH133Efficient, cost effective solution for quick detection of location of fault in 11 kV agricultural feedersSmallEklavya ELECTRICALSElectrical Engineering   View Video
134SGH134Design of low cost cleaning mechanism to clean solar plate for roof top PV SolarSmallEmisun Solar Pvt. Ltd.Electrical Engineering   View Video
135SGH135Reduction of the weight of the Submersible pump.SmallEndura Pump, AMEE IndustryElectrical Engineering   View Video
136SGH136Solar panel cleaning problem at regular intervals.SmallEURO Solar EnergyElectrical Engineering   View Video
137SGH137Corrosion of HT or EHT conductor in coastal areaGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, NavsariElectrical Engineering   View Video
138SGH1381. What is the definition of Ultra Isolation Transformer? 2. How to reduce coupling capacitance between transformer windings and to bring it down to 0.005 pf or even less? 3. What would be the common mode rejection ratio for an ordinary transformer and ultra-isolation transformer? 4. How can we measure common mode noise / common mode rejection ration in a transformer? 5. What is the correlation between coupling capacitance and common mode rejection ration in isolation and an ultra-isolation transformer?MediumGujarat Plugin Device Pvt.LtdElectrical Engineering   View Video
139SGH139It has been observed that during connection of solar panel in residential premises. Tripping of ELCB is observed quite frequent and not much information available in literature about reasons of this. Till now it has been bypassed to avoid such tripping. Research shows that Grid connection induces oscillations and sudden inrush of current but no devices or methodology has been developed to address this problem.SmallInox SolarElectrical Engineering   View Video
140SGH140Low Cost condition monitoring of 3-Phase induction motor on PCSmallJP TechnosoftElectrical Engineering   View Video
141SGH141Issue of power quality at newly deviloping locations far from industrial area.MediumJyoti CNC Automation Ltd.Electrical Engineering   View Video
142SGH142Regarding problem facing in AC Servo Motor.MediumK & DS Electronic LimitedElectrical Engineering   View Video
143SGH143efficient energy storage systems for solar energySmallNavi energyElectrical Engineering   View Video
144SGH144Temperature Based Smart Fan ControMSMENILKANTH POWERElectrical Engineering   View Video
145SGH145While operating star-delta starter it is found that the cost of timer for the presently used starter is very high.It is needed to incorporate a timer which gives cost effective solution and while operation from star to delta mode if rated load on motor decreases to 40% or less then again it should come back to star mode. Sensor with proper control is desired.MediumOUM ELECHMECH PVT LTDElectrical Engineering   View Video
146SGH146For all industries LT & HT switchgears comes with communication port,all the programmable relays , ACB's , VCB's are come with the threat of security concern. We need to minimise this threat from foreign agency in order to avoid major breakdown/ disaster.MediumOUM ELECHMECH PVT LTDElectrical Engineering   View Video
147SGH147Drastic Drop in Solar Power generation in PV ModulesSmallPowertrac solar projects ltd.Electrical Engineering   View Video
148SGH148Grid Voltage Fluctuations Due to Integration of Solar Power in GridSmallPowertrac solar projects ltd.Electrical Engineering   View Video
149SGH149Detecting and Measuring Pezo vibrations and find the fault/deviations in the wheel using a special techniquesMSMEPrecision Embedded Automation SolutionsElectrical Engineering   View Video
150SGH150Neutral BurningSmallR S IndustriesElectrical Engineering   View Video
151SGH151Troubleshooting of power network to overcome the problem of false tripping associated with Mud pumps considering the load patternSmallSaheb OrganicsElectrical Engineering   View Video
152SGH152Power Cable Internal fault detectorSmallSARJAN INDUSTRIESElectrical Engineering   View Video
153SGH153Maintain power factor to a required value by automatic power factor (APFC) control panel even if all the connected equipments are correct in position.SmallSHREE GAYATRI ELECTRICALElectrical Engineering   View Video
154SGH154To design best APFC with proper Algorithm for three phase MotorMediumShree Ram ElectricalsElectrical Engineering   View Video
155SGH155Supervisory Control for a dynamic power flow controller using modular approach (Implementation using PLC)SmallSSM Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Electrical Engineering   View Video
156SGH156Development of automated,cost effective fire safety device for commercial/residential complexMediumSWATI EngineeringElectrical Engineering   View Video
157SGH157To replace motor generator set used fordouble voltage-double frequency (dv-df) test in transformer testing by powerelectronics based converter.MediumSYNERGY TRANSFORMERS PVT. LTD.Electrical Engineering   View Video
158SGH158Implementation of GSM based ON/OFF control of agricultural pump unitMediumTECH SUN BIOElectrical Engineering   View Video
159SGH159Constant increasing legacy waste from daily usage. Around 35 TPD of waste (Dry/Wet Waste) is being generated in the city on average and there is already 25000 Tons of waste on Landfill site. Some of the organic waste is being processed in OWC (Organic waste to compost) Plant and compost pit.Public Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)Valsad NagarpalikaElectrical Engineering   View Video
160SGH160Diagnosis and prevention of faults in distribution transformersSmallVimal Electric CompanyElectrical Engineering   View Video
161SGH161In the past decades, most of researches have focused in finding renewable energy resources which is environmental friendly and reduce the full dependency on the fossil fuel resources which is the main factor for global warming and environmental pollution. Since most of the renewable energy resources produces a DC power in nature the invention of inverter has offered a greet solution to use these DC power as an AC power which the most frequently used by appliance and machinery. In the early decades the inverter used was the conventional two level inverter since the requirement was not as much as essential where the inverter was used to supply small load. However the inverter has attracted a large interest to be used in heavy duty industries and high power application but with the rapid growth in the industry and introducing the higher power application equipment which reaches the megawatt level it is hard to connect a single power semiconductor switch (conventional two level inverter) directly to medium voltage grids, also the two level inverter with higher harmonic distortion which need a complex filtering circuit to get the sinusoidal waveform. Due to this drawbacks of the conventional two level inverter, it recommended to use the multilevel inverter (MLI) which has many advantages compared to single stage inverter like minimum harmonic distortion which produce almost sinusoidal waveform without filtering circuit, also the MLI can operate with high power applications and produce high level output voltage with less switching losses and reduced contents. Thus, MLI is recommended not only for the use in high power applications but it can be used for industrial applications as alternative in high power and medium voltage situation.SmallVirnit AutomationElectrical Engineering   View Video
162SGH162Assistance Kit for Traffic ControllerMSMEEXULT ENTERPRISEElectrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication   View Video
163SGH163Increase in the population itself increases the demand of electricity generation and supply. Many issues are faced by people due to several types of failures in electricity generation and distribution. It also requires a large infrastructural setup for power generation and distribution, which makes this process very costly.MediumGreenfield Control System Pvt. Ltd.Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication   View Video
164SGH164in industry due to high power switching equipments like controlled rectifier , inverters, dual converters power quality decreases. All these equipments are source of harmonics. it ultimately make power factor poor. it is require to design low harmonic high power rectifier , inverters etc or implements filters active/ passive for harmonic reduction and improve power factor.MediumSahiba limitedElectrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication   View Video
165SGH165Development of a model for sensing of drainage water quality and recycling for miscelleneous household applicationsSmallShaktikrupa AutomationElectrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Field Instruments   View Video
166SGH166Develop an IoT enabled solution with Android application to give real-time parking space available on the Campus / City / Resident SocietiesMediumA to Z INFOWAY LLPElectronics and Communication   View Video
167SGH167Smart Street Light System (Monitoring, Maintenance) using IoT, Computer Vision and Machine LearningMediumA to Z INFOWAY LLPElectronics and Communication   View Video
168SGH168Low Powered Battery Operated Data LoggerMSMEAarohi Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd.Electronics and Communication   View Video
169SGH169Bts battery health monitoring systemPSUBharat Sanchar Nigam LimitedElectronics and Communication   View Video
170SGH170Enhanceing the Night Mode videos in surveliance system to improve identification of recorded objects.CorporateeInfochipElectronics and Communication   View Video
171SGH171Noise reduction from Image for cameraCorporateeInfochipElectronics and Communication   View Video
172SGH172Video analytics for identifying cracks, anamolies through video and giving detailed feedbackCorporateeInfochipElectronics and Communication   View Video
173SGH173Intelligent War Fare/ Defence2.0 Create low cost Mobile jammer/Mass creater Protocol for Multiple Drone in sky Soldier detectors/enemy detectorsCorporateeInfochipElectronics and Communication   View Video
174SGH174Automation in Physical Chip Design through Machine LearningCorporateeInfochipElectronics and Communication   View Video
175SGH175Traffic Clearance for Ambulance/(or other priority Vehicle) through Artificial IntelligenceCorporateeInfochipElectronics and Communication   View Video
176SGH176IOT based digital notice board using node MCU (ESP 8266)Government DepartmentGovernment Engineering College, BharuchElectronics and Communication   View Video
177SGH177Fast Battery charging USB system for mobile handsetSmallKirtan TechnologiesElectronics and Communication   View Video
178SGH178NDVI Camera - Building Crop Health Monitoring Camera with NDVI IndexSmallTeksun Microsys Pvt. Ltd.Electronics and Communication   View Video
179SGH179Water PH & Minerals Measurement - Building IoT Sensor which can measure Water PH & MineralsSmallTeksun Microsys Pvt. Ltd.Electronics and Communication   View Video
180SGH180Improper medical waste management in most hospital and industriesMediumICUBE TECHNOLOGIESElectronics and Communication, Biomedical Engineering   View Video
181SGH181Design of ventilation & control system for silver melting furnace.SmallNisarg Enviro CosultantEnvironmental   View Video
182SGH182Design for expansion of sewerage system for Valsad city.Public Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)Valsad NagarpalikaEnvironmental Engineering   View Video
183SGH183Development of environmentally sound stretagies for solid waste management of Valsad cityPublic Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)Valsad NagarpalikaEnvironmental Engineering   View Video
184SGH184Removal of refractory COD & Colour from treated effluent of Vapi CETP.Public Entities (Boards/Corporations/Panchayat /Government Societies etc)Vapi Green Enviro Limitedenvironmental engineering   View Video
185SGH185Energy measurement and control systemSmallJP TechnosoftInstrumentation & Control   View Video
186SGH186Repair and Reuse of Solenoid used in Embroidery machineSmallMaruti FashionInstrumentation & Control   View Video
187SGH187Level Measurement of solids in ignite bunker (hopper)SmallR.C. Engineers & ConsultantInstrumentation & Control   View Video
188SGH188To develop RTU (Remote Transmission Unit) which takes Modbus data from field instrument and send it to our cloud server.SmallR.C. Engineers & ConsultantInstrumentation & Control   View Video
189SGH189To increase the tool life While machining of SS304 (shaft) component in CNC MachineSmallActive EnterprisesMechanical Engineering   View Video
190SGH190Inner and Outer race run outMediumAustin Engineering Company Ltd.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
191SGH191Develop an experimental setup of Atmospheric water generator (AWG) which can generate 30 Litres of water per day at 70% RH and 30°C temperatureSmallBalief CorporationMechanical Engineering   View Video
192SGH192To develop a plant trimmer for road side way fencing.SmallBhavsar ConstructionMechanical Engineering   View Video
193SGH193Inclusion after Sand CastingSmallCastech Foundary Pvt. Ltd.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
194SGH194To design a develop a solar desalination system which is capable is providing around 20 litre distillate output with energy payback time less than 2 years and Cost of potable water per day is less than 0.50 INR/Litre.SmallChaudhary Designers and FabricatorsMechanical Engineering   View Video
195SGH195Problem in welding (Specially weld quality).MediumChem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
196SGH196Reciprocating compressor - Oil ( Lubricant ) carryover problem due to wear and tear of piston Rings.SmallCreative TreadersMechanical Engineering   View Video
197SGH197Design and development of a reciprocating air compressor to minimize overheating of cylinder head and maximize the performance of the compressor by suitably tuning governing parameters.SmallCreative TreadersMechanical Engineering   View Video
198SGH198Design and development of digital fuel level indicator for two wheels.Government DepartmentDr J N Mehta Government Polytechnic, AmreliMechanical Engineering   View Video
199SGH199Development of an optimized automatic cutter mechanism for manufacturing spoons using injection moulding machine.SmallEndeavour EnterpriseMechanical Engineering   View Video
200SGH200To establish heat treatment process for maximizing torque transmitting capacity of a shaft without any permanent deformation.MediumEssential Power Transmission Pvt. Ltd.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
201SGH201Design a stand to keep solar plate at appropriate angle for solar fence guard.SmallEsukar Solution PVT. LTD.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
202SGH202Increase Production Capacity by 15% without buying new equipment.MediumFCG FLAMEPROOF CONTROL GEARS (P) LTD.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
203SGH203SOLAR STILL(convert saline water into potable water by solar and other aids.)Government DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, NavsariMechanical Engineering   View Video
204SGH204SOLAR PANEL CLEANING ISSUEGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, RajkotMechanical Engineering   View Video
205SGH205Development of Dust collector in manufacturing unit of ceramic industries otherwise Development of conveyor belt structure for for removing dust inside plantSmallJai Ganesh Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
206SGH206Automatic glass cleaninng system for solar pv module for plateSmallJJ PV SOLARMechanical Engineering   View Video
207SGH207Joining copper plate to aluminium plate using brazing or soldering without defectsSmallKeepsake Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
208SGH208Improve Weld penetration in MIG process by changing shielding gasSmallKeepsake Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.Mechanical Engineering   View Video
209SGH209Increasing the efficiency of the blasting shop & Improving Components Quality.MediumKHS Machinery Pvt.LimitedMechanical Engineering   View Video
210SGH210Setting up a mechanism for predictive maintenance for utility equipment's like pump, compressors, cranes etc. MediumKHS Machinery Pvt.LimitedMechanical Engineering   View Video
211SGH211Elimination of blowholes and porosity casting defects from heavy casted flanges made up of cast steel CO2 Sand casting operationSmallKirti Alloys Steel CastMechanical Engineering   View Video
212SGH212To develop an Attachment for Machining of Angular (Y-Type) Pneumatic Valve on Lathe MachineSmallM/s. BHOOMI ENGINEERINGMechanical Engineering   View Video
213SGH213Selection of materials for wom and worm wheel gears such that the manufacturing cost of the gears may be minimized.SmallNational motors mfg. coMechanical Engineering   View Video
214SGH214Alternative arrangement for reducing neogrit consumption in drier with some mechanical processfor Aviko ball scanning machine.MediumNHB BALL & ROLLER LTDMechanical Engineering   View Video
215SGH215Implementation of Value stream mapping in drill manufacturing industryMediumP Parmar Drill MachineMechanical Engineering   View Video
218SGH218Sometime automatically change distance between two rollers.SmallPowertrac packaging Private LimitedMechanical Engineering   View Video
219SGH219Design and fabrication ofCompact Solar Desalination System for Arid Region of GujaratSmallPRUTHVI SOLAR ENERGYMechanical Engineering   View Video
220SGH220To develop an material selection process for die and punch to cut hollow section H.R grade tubes.SmallSARJAN INDUSTRIESMechanical Engineering   View Video
221SGH221To develop a mechanism to maintain constant travel velocity of welding rod and maintain constant arc gap for Arc welding process.SmallTandel EngineeringMechanical Engineering   View Video
222SGH222Need to optimize the stroke length of the Ejector of a plastic Injection Moulding Machine.MSMEUMA ENGINEERINGMechanical Engineering   View Video
223SGH223To reduce air formation from ammonia during operating condition of VCR system for enhance the cooling effect.SmallUmiya Ice FactoryMechanical Engineering   View Video
224SGH224To reduce Production Cost and Production time of Electro Discharge Wire Cut Machine used for die making.SmallVarniraj Wire CutMechanical Engineering   View Video
225SGH225Overcome the problem of bending of strip due to punching of slots in power pressMSMEVianci EnterpriseMechanical Engineering   View Video
226SGH226DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF HUMAN POWERED TREADMILL TRICYCLESmallZenn System, AhmedabadMechanical Engineering   View Video
227SGH227WASHING PUMP IS BULKY AND IT NEEDS TO BE DRAGGED TO WASHING STATION, AND EVERY TIME WATER CONNECTIONS ARE TO BE DONE.Government DepartmentDr J N Mehta Government Polytechnic, AmreliMechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering   View Video
228SGH228Optimization of weight and cost of Type 1 CNG storage tankSmallNeet-Vasant Private LimitedMechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering   View Video
229SGH229the cleaning mechanism should be adaptable for different size of PV modules.MSMEAditya PhotovoltaticsMechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering   View Video
230SGH230Automatic Water Distribution SystemGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic, PalanpurMechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering   View Video
232SGH232Development of an energy efficient and cost effective gem/diamond cutting tool/machine to replace laser based cutting machine.SmallForever TechnologyMechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Chemical Engineering   View Video
233SGH233Design and Development of Underground Network Detecting DevicePSUBharat Sanchar Nigam LimitedMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Civil Engineering   View Video
234SGH234Porosity in plastic extrusion processSmallVrundavan Polymers Private LimitedMechanical Engineering, Plastic Engineering   View Video
235SGH235Environmental Solutions for Marble QuarryMediumASHIRWAD MARBLESMining Engineering   View Video
237SGH237Trip optimisation of quarry tippers to enhance productivitySmallM/s. Bajarang Stone Quarry WorksMining Engineering   View Video
238SGH238Estimation of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES) in soap containing formulation by Uv Spectroscopy or ColorimetrySmallElegant Cosmed Pvt LtdPharmacy   View Video
239SGH239Improve stability of Clavulanic Acid in finished solid oral dosage formSmallSarthi PharmaPharmacy   View Video
240SGH240Formulation development of curcumin dispersible tabletSmallU-Liva NutritionPharmacy   View Video
241SGH241Reducing Cooling time 'Cost Effectively' for thick wall products to get optimum productionMSMEMAS ProductsPlastic Technology   View Video
242SGH242Reducing overall raw material cost by adding fillers without affecting the product mechanical strengthSmallSoni TechnoPlastPlastic Technology   View Video
243SGH243Automation and Replanning of Investment casting process to improve process cycle time.MediumHi-Tech Artificial Limbs Pvt. Ltd.Production engineering   View Video
244SGH244To investigate and minimization corrosion in the wall of fire extinguisherSmallKNAX Fire Fighters Pvt. Ltd.Production Engineering   View Video
245SGH245Design and development of a tool/mechanism to remove built-up edge during drilling operation.SmallIntex CAD/CAMProduction/Mechanical   View Video
246SGH246Anti static transparent silicone rubberSmallDentAct Solution Pvt ltdRubber Technology   View Video
247SGH247Improvement in chemical resistance of silicone rubber for FDA tubing applicationMediumPravin Rubber & Engg worksRubber Technology   View Video
248SGH248Streakiness in Denim fabricGovernment DepartmentGovernment Polytechnic For Girls,SuratTextile   View Video
249SGH249Problem regarding bowing and skewingSmallEMPIRE HANDLOOMTextile Engineering   View Video