Student Startup Selection Criteria for SSIP Hub :
  1. Student of any University of the State of Gujarat.
  2. Alumni Student past five years (as per SSIP Policy) of any University of the State of Gujarat.
  3. Submission of Basic Plan including problem/product and proposed solution.
  4. Submission of the concrete plan with following in 3 months:
    1. Strength of the product idea in terms of its technology content, innovation, appropriateness and market potential.
    2. Profile of the team.
    3. Intellectual Property generated and the potential of the idea for IP creation.
    4. Financial/ Commercial Viability and 5 year projections of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows.
    5. Funds requirement and viability of raising finance.
    6. Time to market.
    7. Break-even period.
    8. Commercial potential, demand and requirement in India.
    9. Scalability.
Initial allocations for first six months only
  1. Review after every 3 months.
  2. Extension up to two years with the recommendation of committee.No Extension thereafter
  3. Cancellation ,if any undesired activity or misuse of facilities or indiscipline is noticed
  4. Fees :
    1. For first three months – Free
    2. Next 9 months - Rs 500 per team of two person and in multiple of Rs 250 per additional member per month
    3. Next 12 months - Rs 1000 per team of two person and in multiple of Rs 500 per additional member per month
    4. Maintenance fee : 5% of Revenue generated if any
    5. 5% Equity participation for limited company by SSIP Hub / i-hub as a facilitator
  5. Facilities: Basic facilities (Free), Meeting and conference facility – Free, print - copy, tea snacks etc – Chargeable basis. Access to LDCE library, workshop. Access to IITRAM digital library, Seminar related to Finance and Mentorship for Finance. Access to KCG library free.

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